History of Saint Lucia

In 1605, Europeans landed on St. Lucia for the first time when crew of British sailors, lost and desperate for food, spotted the island on the horizon. They negotiated the purchase of a few huts from the native Carib Indians and thus began what is now a vibrant Real Estate industry.

The Caribs however, became wary of these new neighbors, and soon had the sailors scrambling back to the very sea from which they sought refuge. At the end of five weeks only nineteen of the sixty-seven English-men remained alive.

Until St. Lucia became independent in 1979, the island changed ownership fourteen times between Britain and France. This earned her the title Helen of the West, after Helen of Troy, prize of the Trojan War.

Incredibly, the lust for this island has become even more frenzied with time. Now, you too can own real estate in Saint Lucia, and with our help, you won’t even have to fight a war to do it!

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